Water and Energy

Dr Jens Alex

The Department “Water & Energy” is the result of the integration of the established research areas at ifak – „Simulation and control of wastewater systems“ and „Biogas plants“ – with the new research topic „Management and distribution of energy“. Modelling, simulation and control systems are important working areas of the department. These technologies are applied to various fields of applications:

Water systems: Catchment – sewer network – wastewater treatment plant – sludge treatment – receiving water body,
Biogas systems,
Macro-modelling of entire urban systems, integrating different infrastructure systems (e.g. water-energy-food) with integrated evaluation of function, mass flows, costs, resources and energy,
Power distribution networks with decentralised sources,
Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.

The most important event in 2015 was the release of the new simulation environment SIMBA# 2.0 as the successor of SIMBA (which was based on Matlab/Simulink). In addition, the coope-ration with the company inCTRL (Canada, www.inctrl.ca) was increased. This company will join in to strengthen the existing team of ifak to support the services around the product SIMBA# for selected regions of the world, especially North America.

A new important area is adressed in SIMBA 2.0. Now it is possible to model and simulate holistic aeration systems and to test options for aeration control concepts. This new version was presented at WEFTEC 2015 in Chicago. Furthermore, the full integration and extension of the SWMM program of the US Environment Protection Agency allows control concepts and integrated modelling approaches to be fully integrated in the user-friendly Simba# interface also with fully hydrodynamic sewer simulation.