Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Both, for operators of critical infrastructures in the area of energy, water and wastewater and for system and service providers, the cybersecurity has achieved an elementary and partly existential meaning. This is based on the increasing networking of plants and systems in the context of Industry 4.0, the increasing digitalization (digital transformation) and the connected versatile use of information and communication technologies (ICT) as innovation driver of the German industry. All participants of the value chain have been sensitized for this matter not least by the current discussion about the German Cybersecurity Law. Reported attacks and threat scenarios result into the fact that the risk awareness increases and the need of using safe systems and the implementation of measures to increase the cybersecurity will be prioritized highly.    

ifak researches and develops in the field “Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity” the topics

  • Software tools for the implementation of “Security by design“ methods at planning stage,
  • Models and procedures for a secure, simulation based implementing,
  • Automation concepts for secure operation

of systems in the area of water and energy. The focus is on transparent and verifiably cybersecurity of the whole life cycle of the systems, individual components and services based on this. Latest R&D activities are concentrated inter alia on:

  • Development of a reference security architecture for the safe use of services of municipal infrastructure systems (e.g. waste water treatment plants)
  • Establishment of software based management systems for information security and risk/emergency management (e.g. ISMS of ISO / IEC 27000 series)
  • Security of networked intelligent and interactive technology (Cyber-Physical Systems – CPS)
  • Security of distributed simulations (e. g. energy supply networks)
  • Research of simulation based concepts for thread intelligence systems and advanced threat protection in the area of water and wastewater
  • Safe and reliable protocols of industrial communication