Sewer Systems

Urban drainage systems are among the most precious infrastructure systems of a city, as their maintenance involves large investments. Within the research focus of “Sewer Systems”, ifak develops and applies methods and tools which allow to use the sewer networks (often designed as static systems) in a dynamic way. This leads not only to improved utilisation but also resulting in higher flexibility and resilience to dynamically changing conditions (such a varying rainfall patterns, population dynamics).

There is a particular emphasis, at ifak, on the integrated consideration of urban wastewater systems (sewer networks, wastewater treatment plants, receiving water bodies) and on real time control of urban drainage systems. Such control allows active influence on water and pollution fluxes within a network and optimized utilization according to locally prevailing objectives. In order to minimise the efforts (and costs) for the setup of control systems, the team at ifak is developing general control algorithms which can be easily adapted to, almost, any drainage system. Further development and application of real time control systems, making use of control potential, are a focus of several projects. These projects are carried out jointly with other research and application partners. Active participation in the relevant national and international committees allows collaboration worldwide.