Dr. Schütze leads meeting of the Joint Comittee on Urban Drainge in Prague

This year’s meeting of the Joint Committee on Urban Drainage of IWA (International Water Association) and IAHR (International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research), held just bevor the 14th  Internatioal Conference on Urban Drainage, was characterised by many elections and strategic decisioons. As in the years before, the meeting of this highest urban drainage comittee worldwide, convening 12 scientits and practitioners from all over the world, was led by its Chair, Dr Manfred Schütze of ifak Magdedeburg. Elections held for new comittee members, replacing those whos terms of service expired, ensure the continuity of the committee’s work. Furthermore, the winners of the Comimittee’s Seniror and Mid-term Career Awards have been elected. The names of the winners will be made public during the Conference’s Gala Dinner held on 14 September in Prague’s Zofin Palace. The long-standing secretary of the Joint Comittee, Dr. Jiri Marsalek (Canada), serving the commmittee for 24 years, resigned.  As his maximum possible time on the Comimitte of nine years has elaspsed, Dr Schütze will hand over the Chairmanship of the Committee to his successor, Dr. Jeroen Langeveld of Technical University of Delft. (http://www.jcud.org/