Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Municipal 4.0 - Customized Services for the Water Management

In this cooperative research project, web-based platforms, application tools based on them and corres­ponding business models are developed. For municipal operators of water management systems, such as sewer networks, pumping stations, stormwater tanks and wastewater treatment plants, innovative applica­tions of IoT (Internet of things) / Indstrie 4.0 concepts are currently being created and will pave the way for the digital transformation.

OPTIMUM - OPTimised lndustrial IoT and Distributed Control Platform for Manufacturing and Material Handling

The OPTIMUM project addresses innovative concepts for engineering, commissioning, control and monito­ring of "material handling" and "smart manufacturing" solutions. Taking into account current discussions on industry 4.0 compliant architectures, components and services, OPTIMUM pursues the following objectives: Improvement of aspects of distributed control, utilization and adaptation of technologies from the environ­ment (I)IoT for real industrial applications, improvement of control logic and applications by considering context and location information, model and 3D-based engineering and plant monitoring.

Center of expertise 4.0 for SMEs in Magdeburg „networked growth“, Sub-project: digital networks & standardization

Within SMEs, machinery have often been growing accross years – thus, diverse IT and AT technologies have been introduces, which in most caaes are not capable of exchanging information without spending certain efforts for adaptation. So these companies often can not participate in digitally managed value chains. Virtualization and digital netorks are essential preconditions for automated workflows, enabling Industrie 4.0 like business networks.There is a strong need for information transfer about communication technologies and integration of legacy systems.The “Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Magdeburg” will gain trust of SMEs in digitizationen and enable employees for doing digitization steps.

INVITE4.0 - Smart services for the process and paper industry on the Internet of Things INVITE4.0

The objective of the research project INVITE40 is the development of methods for engineering and services in the context of industry 4.0.

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