Device and System Test

The integration of embedded automation devices into networks requires extensive testing of the device functionality before bringing to market. We employ state-of-the-art device testing techniques as well as establishing new testing procedures for system level applications. As the adoption of embedded devices in automation becomes widespread, the importance for sufficient device and system testing increases.  Testing is an inherently difficult activity thus we develop and utilize testing frameworks to ease the process. The use of testing framework enforces test case development derived from formal system requirements in a modal based way. Furthermore, testing frameworks aid in the automation of testing procedures.

ifak at fair "embedded world"

ifak presents its solutions about embedded devices, test as integral part of quality management and software development at the fair "embedded world". We are in hall 3A, booth 428 of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International.

REGSaaM - reference model for development of device and system functions for an application-oriented automatic management of industrial wireless applications

The aim of this research project is to prepare the contribution, presentation and representation of a reference model for development of device and system functions for an application-oriented automatic management of industrial wireless applications. Results of different research projects shall be prepared and introduced into the standards ETSI ERM TG 41 "Wireless Industrial Applications" as well as IEC/SC65C WG 17 "Wireless Coexistence".

DIA.LYSIS - Base system for distributed network diagnostics and process data analysis

The aim of the project DIA.LYSIS is the development and implementation of a modular framework for the analysis of the network, the process data and for diagnostic purposes.

Test suite for EDDs

The certification of EDD processing components requires a suite of implemented test cases. These test cases shall prove specific aspects of the Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL).

Testtool for PROFIsafe F-Host

The PROFIsafe F-Host test is required for certified Master/IO Controller. Therefore a well-designed test tool is necessary. Such a test tool was already developed in a predecessor project and will be enhanced within this project. Therefore new test cases will be developed and different classes of F-Hosts will be supported. The PROFIsafe F-Host test requires a certified test for PROFIBUS Master or PROFINET IO Controller functionality. Both tests and certificates are needed for assessments by the TÜV of FIA.

Testtool for PROFIBUS PA V3.02

The profile for field devices used in the process industry has been in some cases enhanced and improved. Hereby practical experience was regarded allowing the improvement of efficiency during the commissioning of field devices as well as to accelerate the data exchange between the field device and the commissioning tool. 

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