Personalized Information Services

AUSWEG - Automatic Search for structured Information within soft Input-parameters

Today the internet and especially social networks are the source of numerous up-to-date information. These include not very helpful information like “Dear drivers drive carefully. I’m on the way with my bicycle.”, but also useful information like “The closure of the A14 was lifted, currently only one lane per direction”.

PERRON - Enhanced Pedestrian Routing and Navigation as well as Walkability Assessment of Pedestrian Ways

Walking is part of almost every journey, no matter which mode of transport is used. The main objective of the PERRON project is to improve pedestrian navigation by bringing it to a more detailed and realistic level. In general, today pedestrians are routed and navigated based on road networks. It is time for a fundamental change of view: for pedestrians, roads are not ways but barriers. 

DYNAMO - dynamic and seamless mobility information

The main goal of the project DYNAMO is the development and exemplary realisation of dynamic information services to support travellers in trip planning (pre-trip) and to provide trip guidance (on-trip). The research works are focused on aspects such as in-door positioning, routing and navigation, intermodal use of diverse transport modes with real time traveller information, social networks and accessibility. A systematic approach is required for the navigation from door to door that enables a sufficiently precise positioning and navigation in outdoor areas and within buildings using off-the-shelf products and available technologies.

eVeSA - Electronic detector, roadworks and traffic situation data of Saxony-Anhalt

The provision of high-quality traffic information services for road users requires a comprehensive data set. The mobility data market place (MDM) was established to simplify and improve access and availability of real-time traffic data in order to create new fields of applications for mobile services.

Implementation of an intermodal traffic condition information system for Saxony-Anhalt

In the research project MOSAIQUE and within the initiative “Applied traffic and transport sciences/ Galileo-Transport of the German federal state Saxony-Anhalt”, innovative approaches for a regional traffic manage­ment have been developed and tested successfully in the area Halle-Leipzig. 

WikiNavi - Urban route guidance system with manifold mobility options designed for handicapped persons

The overall objective of the WikiNavi project was the development of a route guidance system for urban areas especially designed for the needs of pedestrians with mobility constraints – for example handicapped or elderly persons. The route guidance system includes stairs, elevators, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights and construction characteristics at public transport stops. Based on this knowledge, the route guidance system is able to find routes which meet the specific mobility limitations of the users.

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