Quality Assurance and Test

AMALTHEA4public - Enabling of Results from AMALTHEA and others for Transfer into Application and building a Community

The goal of AMALTHEA4public is to integrate results of various publicly funded projects with new developments and using the results of AMALTHEA accordingly to foster the transfer into application and to establish a community around the combined and continuous tool chain platform. The intention is to position the open source tool chain framework as a de-facto standard for future software engineering design flows for automotive and other embedded systems.

PROGES - Programmable error generator and monitor for ethernet based automation systems

The goal of the project was the development and prototypical implementation of a method to support system tests, diagnosis and monitoring of ethernet based automation systems.

Valopsys - Validation and Testing of cooperative systems

The development of efficient methods with prototypical implementations for an efficient framework for the testing of distributed and cooperating systems is the topic of the research project Valopsys – Validation and Testing of cooperative systems.

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