Signal Analysis and Processing

MESES - Multi-phase current sensor with integrated compensation of interfering signals for electric vehicles

The aim of the collaborative project is the research of a novel current sensor which is optimally adapted to the special requirements of e-mobility. Through the use of new algorithms, combined with the simultaneous measurement of the currents in the feed and return line, the current measurement is to be carried out more accurately, more immune to interference and more efficiently.

WiPoCAD - Wireless Power CAD

For the proper design of contactless inductive energy transfer systems, various problems have to be solved. Here the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is an important field. The aim of the project was the develop­ment of a software tool for the computer aided evaluation of energy transfer systems. 

VERO - Virtual design of complex high power transformers

With the dimensioning of contactless transmission systems, numerous parameters must be considered. The construction of such systems currently occurs in many single, very costly calculation steps. In the project a computer-aided dimensioning tool was developed, which allows the virtual design of complex high power transformers in a closed development environment. 

Crash detection based on structure-borne sound analysis

The use of structure-borne sound is a promising method to identify and distinguish crash situations based on the structure-dynamic sound emission, which is generated within the initial milliseconds of the defor­mation. The wave propagation through the car body substantially contributes to the measurement system.

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