Smart Grid

MENDEL - Minimal load of power grids through charging operations of electric busses

Fully electric buses in public transportation are currently forced to intermediately charge their batteries in order to overcome their daily mileage of 250-300 km. If in the future a transport company operates a bus fleet with 100 and more electric busses, the maximum power supply of the local distribution grid exceeds quickly when several busses would be charged simultaneously. As a result, transport companies will require own transformer stations directly connected to the medium voltage grid. Planning and building such stations is time consuming and costly. Moreover, charging many buses simultaneously may also cause high peak loads resulting in a correspondingly high capacity charge of the transport company.

ECOSSIAN - European Control System Security Incident Analysis Network

The protection of Critical Infrastructures (CI) like power generation, energy distribution, transport networks, water distribution or of strategic production sites for process or manufacturing industries requires approaches and solutions for detection of threats. As Critical Infrastructures depend on each other, solutions which support incident detection and management at the levels of individual CI, across CIs, and across borders are needed.

MD-E4 - Magdeburg: Energy efficient city – Model city for renewable energies

The MD-E4 project was the result of the successful participation of Magdeburg in the competition "Energy Efficient City" by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The aim of the project was the reduction of CO2 emissions and the improvement of energy efficiency by the implementation of 11 sub-projects. ifak was involved in the sub-projects A1 (traffic management) and B2 (Automation of distribution networks). 

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