Wireless Power and Data Transmission

DIENA - Direct charging system for inductive energy transmission

In the field of electromobility, the energy accumulators are increasingly being charged by contactless-inductive charging systems. The particular technical challenges here are the achievement of high efficiency, ensuring the interoperability of the systems and ensuring a high air gap and displacement tolerances. The innovative solution approach of the direct charging system makes it possible, in particular, to increase these tolerances and thus increase user acceptance.

FEEDBACCAR - Future Electric Energy Distribution by Aggregated Clusters and Cars with Automated Response

The project includes research and development work on a future load management for electric vehicles in demand side management networks from the control room and demand response from the vehicle, presented on a smart home application based on inductive bidirectional charging at 11 kW.

The principle higher network availability of vehicles with inductive charging technology will be demonstrated in a fleet test with six vehicles at various locations. The primary operating reserve market is to be addressed via controlled charging processes, with the control via a charging control system ensuring that a secure service can be provided for marketing.

KABELLOS - Contactless energy and data transmission for cable and stranding machines

The aim of the project was to explore the application spectrum of contactless transmission of energy and information in the field of cable and stranding machines. In these applications, electrical energy, information and control signals must be transferred between the rotating and stationary parts of the respective machines and systems.

HIKS - High efficient and intelligent compact solar pump system for agrarian water supply

The extraction of ground water is an important component for the agricultural development, above all in developing countries. Solar pumps are an interesting alternative, particularly for remote locations without an electricity supply network. In the research project different components for this compact system were developed. 

WiPoCAD - Wireless Power CAD

For the proper design of contactless inductive energy transfer systems, various problems have to be solved. Here the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is an important field. The aim of the project was the develop­ment of a software tool for the computer aided evaluation of energy transfer systems. 

VERO - Virtual design of complex high power transformers

With the dimensioning of contactless transmission systems, numerous parameters must be considered. The construction of such systems currently occurs in many single, very costly calculation steps. In the project a computer-aided dimensioning tool was developed, which allows the virtual design of complex high power transformers in a closed development environment. 

Just Park - Chances and risks of the cordless loading of electric vehicles – Technology result evaluation for a key technology in the breakthrough phase of the electric mobility

The acceptance of the electric mobility mainly depends on the comfort of utilisation, in particular on the charge of the energy storage. In contrast to charging with cable and plugs, the cordless charging using the principle of the inductive energy transmission offers a lot of advantages in terms of security and comfort. 

Contactless energy and data transmission in aircraft cabins

The project “INDIKAR interdisciplinary cabin architecture” is part of the national aviation research program, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economy. In this project the capabilities and solutions for the use of contactless energy and data transmission technology in the area of passenger aircraft cabins are being investigated.

Industrial studies and prototypes concerning contactless transmission of power and data

The contactless inductive energy transmission technology opens up new possibilities for the energy supply of stationary, rotary and linear moving consumers without wiper contacts and trailing cables. Due to the nearly maintenance-free systems, production losses can be avoided and maintenance costs can be reduced considerably.


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