Mit dem Auto schnell und sicher von A nach B: Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory System and Vulnerable Road Users Protection for Buses Using V2I Communication

Vortragende: Frau Feng Xie, Geschäftsfeld Verkehr & Assistenz

Vortrag in englischer Sprache

Many current Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA) systems are developed based on several specific driving models with fixed speeds and accelerations, which is extremely difficult for human-drivers to obey strictly and adapt dynamically. Therefore, a dynamic GLOSA for buses is proposed in this presentation, which could provide a flexible driving range and update every second with the obtained Signal Phase and Timing messages via communicating with traffic lights system based on ITS-G5 (IEEE 802.11p).  As another important application of V2I communication with traffic lights and sensors such as thermal cameras, a kind of clustering-based collision prediction algorithm will also be introduced to avoid collisions between buses and vulnerable road users e. g. bicyclers. In order to validate both assistance systems, simulation and application aiming at transport conditions in Hamburg are proceeded. As a result, compared with non-GLOSA buses, the GLOSA buses save waiting time at the target intersection by 98.95%, which can avoid energy loss of unnecessary stop&gos significantly. The collision warning system is implemented on a real bus, which is finally tested to predict possible collisions effectively. These V2I applications show a high potential to make public transportation more efficient and sustainable.

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