Evaluation Platform for 5G in I4.0

Vortragender: Herr Gustavo Cainelli, Geschäftsfeld IKT & Automation

Vortrag in englischer Sprache

One of the main aspects of Industry 4.0 is that the production systems can be reconfigured dynamically without human intervention. A wireless communication system as a subsystem of the production system can’t be planned and installed for the worst case. If changes are necessary, the WCS must adapt itself. For that, information exchange between WCS and the other parts of the production system is necessary. One of the most prominent WCS for industrial automation is 5G technology. Therefore, we will present the approach of a framework that will be used to investigate and develop I4.0 use cases with 5G communication systems. In the framework, the parameters of 5G assets are described as submodels based on the Asset Administration Shell (AAS). The AAS is a virtual representation of assets that contains all the relevant information and functions of the asset being its digital twin. The framework is composed of a 5G simulation model called Simu5G. Each 5G asset has its own AAS composed of active and passive parts. The passive part contains the models with the relevant parameters of WCS. The active part is responsible for exchanging messages with other AAS and also for asset control. The proposed framework connects a digital domain with a physical domain and can be used to design, validate, and investigate use cases for resilience, interference robustness or for data analytics.

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