ICT & Automation

In addition to the necessary sensors and actuators, automation solutions are based on software that affects automation devices such as controllers, industrial communication systems with real-time requirements and engineering tools. Today, the efficient solution of complex control tasks is no longer possible without networked integration of tools.

The holistic consideration of production systems over the entire plant or product life cycle is becoming increasingly important, with information management ensuring efficient use of materials and energy.

Real-time communication in the industrial environment refers to the delay-free and preferably deterministic data transmission between machines or self-sufficiently working software components.

Knowing why 5G, Bluetooth, DECT, LP WAN, WirelessHART, WLAN or other technologies are suitable for the factory floor, the machine, the process plant or other applications determines the economic success of investments.

The integration of field devices in process facility networks is highly important to modern industrialization. This is supported by integration approaches using an interpreted or an executable software technology components as well as the consideration of distributed control systems.

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