Realtime Communication

Real-time communication in the industrial environment refers to the delay-free and preferably deterministic data transmission between machines or self-sufficiently working software components.


Ethernet-based communication technologies are increasingly being used in industrial communication. For this purpose, however, additional services must be implemented in the communication stacks that allow data to be transmitted without delay on the sender side and received in good time on the receiver side. We are concentrating here on contribution to the specification and implementation of PROFINET in order to meet the increasing requirements, for example, in the consideration of complex, heterogeneous networks.

Diagnostic services

Diagnosis is just as important as network engineering. This presupposes that cross-network diagnostic services should be available in order to be able to solve problems efficiently. In addition to the inclusion of various fieldbuses, the object of research in network diagnostics is the inclusion of approaches from a distributed diagnostic system in order to be able to adapt flexibly to current and future requirements. In this context, emerging new specifications such as Time Sensitive Network (TSN) must also be considered.