Test Automation

Test Automation Services

In times of agile development and ever shorter release cycles, ensuring adequate software quality can be a difficult challenge. This task can be met by an efficient and well thought-out test automation that takes into account every step of the test process - starting with the requirements of the system under test up to the automated execution and evaluation of tests. 

Based on the results of our continuous research in test automation, we offer services for model-based test processes and continuous integration for use in device and system development. In our model-based test process, methods of model synthesis, model-based test generation and test prioritization can be combined to systematically and efficiently generate prioritized test cases. The result is an optimized test suite which, on the one hand, allows for a complete path coverage of the system under test and, on the other hand, enables targeted testing through optional prioritization. The process can be parameterized with regard to the selection of the features to be tested and thus allows an efficient and demand-oriented design of the test process. By integrating the test process into continuous integration systems, such as Gitlab CI or Jenkins, the test execution and evaluation can be automated to provide fast and usefull feedback for developers.

The following services are in our portfolio:

  • Model synthesis from requirements
    • Methods/tools developed in-house
  • Standardized and/or domain-specific modeling notations
  • Technologies for (model-based) system design
  • Model verification/analysis
    • Established tools (spin, smv, nusmv …)
  • Test generation
    • Methods/tools developed in-house
    • Established tools (Conformiq, SpecExplorer ...)
  • Test prioritization, selection and scheduling
  • Test execution and evaluation
    • Methods/tools for automated test execution and evaluation in a continuous integration process (e.g. Jenkins, Gitlab-CI)