Centrally Register and Administer Construction Sites - ZEBRA

The ZEBRA SaaS application is a tool usable for construction site management in public spaces. In addition to its function as administrative software for use by the authorities, automatically generated pages of the citizen information service provide up-to-date information about the construction site situation in the region.


Construction sites can be conveniently managed and edited with the ZEBRA construction site management software. The software can be used in particular to improve internal administrative planning processes and automatically generate attractive, modern information pages for citizen information. For this purpose, an editor is available for text entries and the geographical positioning of road works and diversions on a digital map. A built-in automatic conflict detection provides support for the medium and long-term planning of construction sites.

So-called connectors ensure that the construction site information is used by third-party systems and automatically distributed to other established data platforms. A DATEX II connector is available as standard for the distribution of construction site information via the nationwide central Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM) and a SPERRINFO connector for forwarding to the central construction site information system of the state of Saxony-Anhalt SPERRINFO. Further connectors can be provided on request.


  • Planning and management of construction sites
  • Indication of a large number of textual descriptive features as well as the geographical position including the extent of the construction site in digital maps
  • Entry of any number of redirections in digital map, supported by integrated router
  • Create any number of scenarios for construction site planning
  • Generation of websites for the citizen information service
  • Automatic removal of expired construction sites and regeneration of the web pages for the citizen information service
  • E-mail notification in case of imminent expiration of construction sites
  • Conflict detection and presentation in case of temporal and spatial overlap of construction sites and diversions
  • Print preview, creation of image files and PDF documents
  • Connectors (external interfaces) for the automatic forwarding of data to third-party systems
  • DATEX II connector for deployment in the Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM)
  • SPERRINFO connector for the connection to SPERRINFOSYS
  • Other connectors on request
  • Multi-user capable

System requirements

ZEBRA is designed as a software-as-a-service solution and only requires an up-to-date browser and Internet access to run. Local installations are not necessary, software updates are carried out on the server and take effect immediately the next time the application is started. In addition to the provision of the application, the data is also stored in the cloud. This enables location-independent access to the application data and thus flexible working with the program.

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