Measurement Technology & Power Electronics

Nowadays, flexible, efficient and quality-oriented production guarantees the success of a company on the market. A production-accompanying measuring technique and application-oriented solutions for power electronics are decisive factors. The Measurement Technology & Power Electronics department is dedicated to this leitmotif, research and development in these fields tailored to requirements and applications.

The vision of process measurement technology is to provide all the relevant information necessary for safe and efficient process control available at any time and any place.

Acoustic and elastic waves as information carriers or manipulator in various applications are the goals of this research area.

Complex and customer-specific measuring and testing systems guarantee efficient and high-quality production.

A contactless transmission of energy and data means a gain in reliability, security, availability and comfort for a large number of applications.

For the development of measurement or transmission systems, as well as for safe process control, it is of essential importance to correctly interpret signals using suitable analysis methods, pre-processing techniques and evaluation strategies.