Transport & Assistance

Mobility is both a characteristic of the quality of life of individuals and a prerequisite for the economic success of society as a whole. In particular, information and communication systems can help to enable secure, clean, efficient and thus sustainable mobility for the needs of a modern society.

By development of simulation models and optimization methods, the thematic field of electric mobility supports the use of battery electric vehicles of all kinds for quiet and clean mobility.

The connection of traffic systems and road users is a central research subject in this thematic field by development of highly distributed and cooperative mobility systems.

The thematic field deals with the collection, processing and dissemination of data, information and knowledge on motorised and non-motorised private transport as well as public transport.

Technology studies and solutions as well as energy efficiency studies are developed for the internal material flow and production supply.

The focus is on the analysis and solution of mobility problems in connection with logistics planning, i.e. the holistic analysis, designing and controlling of both, systems and processes (transport, handling, storage).

The thematic field is dedicated to the conception, development and prototypical implementation of IT-based, everyday assisting applications for home and mobile use.