Connected driving

The connection of traffic systems and road users is a central research subject in this thematic field by development of highly distributed and cooperative mobility systems.

Quality management

The focus is on the quality management of distributed and cooperative systems. For this purpose, methods as well as software and hardware solutions are developed at the ifak. All activities of an efficient, practice-relevant test process are supported, whereby in particular the diagnosis and the test of distributed, cooperative systems are in the focus. Current work focuses on the provision of devices and associated tools for the diagnosis, monitoring and testing of Car2X applications.

Cooperative traffic light control

The use of autonomously operating vehicles is only possible through highly networked mobility systems. One application that is being worked on in this thematic field, in which cooperative infrastructures are used, is the privileged use of selected road users at light signal systems, for example for fire-fighting and rescue vehicles.

Intelligent traffic cone

With the intelligent traffic cone, the ifak has developed a solution that is suitable for efficient, automated traffic incident management. Short-term disruptions, such as those caused by accidents, maintenance work, marking works are automatically managed with this solution. The data on short-term traffic disruptions is made available via standardized mobility portals for further cooperative navigation systems.