Water & Energy

The Water and Energy Department is active in two aspects of the water/wastewater sector. One is the development of automation solutions (in particular process controllers). In the second area, simulation tools based on the SIMBA simulation platform (since 1994) are being developed, with which not only automation concepts but also process engineering variations and the mechanical equipment of wastewater systems can be analysed.

Current developments in wastewater treatment are implemented as modules for the SIMBA simulation system. In addition, simple and advanced process controllers for sewage treatment plants are analysed and developed.

Within the research focus of “Sewer Systems”, ifak develops and applies methods and tools which allow to use the sewer networks (often designed as static systems) in a dynamic way.

The energy system of the future will be decentralized and interconnected in order to guarantee a secure and affordable energy supply even with increasing complexity and dynamics.

Planning and management of water and energy systems constitutes a complex task. This holds true even more so when not only water supply, wastewater and energy, but also additional infrastructure systems are to be considered, e.g. food and waste.

The production of biogas by anaerobic digestion of organic substances, such as manure, renewable raw materials and organic waste, is one way of generating renewable energy.