Intralogistics and production supply

Technology studies and solutions as well as energy efficiency studies are developed for the internal material flow and production supply.

Communication interfaces

The design of the communication interfaces between sensors, identification systems and control systems becomes more and more important with increasing automation and can be realized by the ifak with the help of prototypical solutions.

Wireless networks

Are there overlaps in the wireless radio networks in the factory halls and how can I determine this before commissioning? A simulation model for radio communication (WLAN, LoRaWAN), measurements and tests can help here.

Performance tests

Performance deficits are often only discovered long after the material flow systems have been commissioned, as the performance limits are not reached until later in operation. The correct dimensioning of performance tests during commissioning is therefore necessary and one of the topics of this thematic field.

Energy efficiency considerations

Energy efficiency studies can also contribute to better performance and significantly reduce the required peak load for energy. In a new application-oriented research approach, the ifak deals with preventive maintenance for conveyor technology with the aid of metrological analyses of energy consumption and noise emissions.