Digital Production Systems

The holistic consideration of production systems over the entire plant or product life cycle is becoming increasingly important, with information management ensuring efficient use of materials and energy. The integration of data from the device level into higher levels of the automation pyramid requires a reduction of operational data to the necessary content. Furthermore, simplified engineering and ergonomic visualization of production data are necessary.

Models and Tools

Individual attention to product and plant life cycle will have an ever-increasing influence as we drive towards Industry 4.0. Material consumption and energy efficiency coupled with information management are all topics of high interest. New advancements are coming from the integrated interaction of operative systems (classical automation systems) and IT based production-planning systems. An important approach is the reuse of already defined data models of a plant in different engineering tools. It is our vision to integrate additional assistance system into production systems.

Many years of experience have resulted in tools for formal automation component descriptions, which are used to generate efficient and resource-saving code.