By development of simulation models and optimization methods, the thematic field of electric mobility supports the use of battery electric vehicles of all kinds for quiet and clean mobility.

Simulation of electric buses

Current achievements in this thematic field include, in particular, simulation-based studies on the introduction of electric buses in public transport, including the evaluation of charging strategies and charging technologies as well as the environmental assessment of electric buses versus diesel buses.

Planning of charging infrastructure and vehicle cycles

Methods will be developed to optimise charging infrastructure and circulation plans for electric buses in public transport, taking into account energy supply systems to avoid unnecessary network expansion.

Conversion to full electric bus fleet

In the latest PLATON research project, a process is currently being developed to gradually convert an existing diesel bus fleet into an electric bus fleet. Depending on the budget, detailed instructions for the procurement of vehicles, for the installation of charging points and for the applicable vehicle cycles and charging plans will be devised for public transport operators.