Development of contactless power and data transmission systems

The department of Measurement Technology and Power Electronics is your competent partner for the development of contactless energy and data transmission systems for a wide range of applications and power classes.

We offer transmission systems in the power range from a few watts up to several kilowatts and with air gaps from a few millimetres up to a few decimetres. Our offer includes market and feasibility research, the development of favoured solution approaches and the realisation of first functional samples via pilot series to the actual product.

Our offer:

  • Transmission of power from a few watts to a few kilowatts
  • Air gaps from a few millimetres to a few decimetres
  • Charging technology for electromobility up to 22 kW, e.g. according to IEC 61980, ISO 19363
  • Combination of energy and data transmission
  • Modeling and simulation
  • EMC analysis and modelling
  • Systematic computer aided design
  • Power electronics
  • Application-specific and product-oriented design

Kontaktlose Übertragungssysteme M&L