Intelligent Transport Systems

The thematic field deals with the collection, processing and dissemination of data, information and knowledge on motorised and non-motorised private transport as well as public transport.

Traffic data collection, traffic management and traffic data services

The collection, processing and dissemination of information on the traffic itself is necessary for all aspects of the development of traffic, the choice of transport means, the route choice and the management and control of traffic. For this purpose, traffic data is collected with the aid of modern sensor systems. These raw data are processed further to gain a complex traffic situation overview in traffic management centers. The traffic situation is made available to individual road users and public transport users via digital media.

Traffic simulation studies

On the basis of micro-, meso- or macroscopic simulation studies, the effects of planned traffic-related construction measures can be estimated in advance and several possible variants can be compared with one another.

Traveler information systems

Mobility in metropolitan areas via several modes of transport plays an increasing role, which is supported by traveler information systems. In a research project for the Rhine-Main (Frankfurt) and Munich transport associations, the ifak has developed a navigation system for indoor areas of public transport transfer buildings as an important element of these information systems.