Water Resources Recovery Facility

Current developments in wastewater treatment are implemented as modules for the SIMBA simulation system. In addition, simple and advanced process controllers for sewage treatment plants are analysed and developed.


For the simulation tool SIMBA, current developments in wastewater treatment are converted into models. For SIMBA 3.0, for example, Annamox processes and membrane ventilated biofilm systems have currently been implemented. A special feature of SIMBA# compared to other systems is also the integration of process engineering (activated sludge processes) with machine technology and automation. With the current SIMBA version, for example, aeration systems can be mapped in detail.

Control systems

Simple and advanced process controllers are analysed and developed for sewage treatment plants. The aim is to develop robust, transparent and practical solutions. In the past, among others

  • Control systems for air supply (e.g. sliding pressure control systems),
  • Regulations for improved nitrogen elimination and
  • Sludge age controls

systematically investigated.