EDD Studio and EDD Interpreter

EDD Studio

EDD Studio

The EDD Studio developed by ifak provides a comfortable development environment for EDDs according to IEC 61804. The EDD Studio can be downloaded as demo version including documentation (see Downloads at ifak technology+service) or is commercially available as full version at ifak technology+service GmbH.

EDD Studio covers the entire development process of editing, checking and visualizing an EDD within a uniform user interface. The software consists of four applications:

  • Editor with syntax highlighting
  • Checker for following profiles (PROFIBUS, HART, PROFINET, FF) according to IEC 61804 inclusively modular devices
  • Viewer for interpretation of the EDD and communication with the device to proof the online behavior of the EDD
  • Simulator of device behavior

EDD Interpreter

The interpreter integrated in EDD Studio is also available as a separate component for integration into your own tools. The interpreter is developed in portable C++ code and has already been successfully used on 32 bit as well as 64 bit Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Get in touch with us to show you the possibilities for using the interpreter in detail and work out a tailor-made solution with you.