Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Applications

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The working group "Artificial Intelligence in industrial applications" at ifak focuses on the development and implementation of concrete AI-based solutions in areas where AI methods clearly demonstrate potential advantages. The group of engineers, physicists, mathematicians, and IT experts is having many years of expertise in machine learning and data science. Based on this experience, customers and partners are supported in real-world industrial AI projects and applications. Areas addressed are, among others:

ICT & Automation

Solutions in the context of industry 4.0 / Smart Factories:

  • Self-organizing control systems
  • Intelligent assistance systems for engineering, operation and maintenance
  • Self-learning diagnostic systems for industrial communication
  • IIoT — Industrial Internet of Things applications
  • Deployment of 5G networks in industrial environments

References: WISA [1], AQUADIC [2], PASST 4.0 [3].

Measurement Technology & Power Electronics

Intelligent E-Mobility & Autonomous Driving:

  • Autonomous parking positioning
  • Automated contactless charging
  • Object recognition for safety and reliability
  • Autonomous systems
  • Smart Car — Smart Home Integration



Measurement Technology:

  • Intelligent sensors for digitization, data acquisition and expert systems
  • Image recognition and reconstruction
  • Smart wearables for consumers and medicine

References: FEEDBACCAR [1], ExAKT [2].

Transport & Assistance

Application of methods of soft computing and artificial intelligence in the fields of:

  • Traffic management & control
  • Pattern recognition for automated driving
  • Optimization of trip records
  • Connected Driving (V2X)


The competence field Test Methods for Connected Systems also offers:

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) methods for analysis and modeling of requirements
  • Tools for model-based testing
  • Test prioritization through intelligent clustering

References: XIVT [1], TESTOMAT [2].

Water & Energy

Big Data solutions in the areas of:

  • Self-learning digital twins
  • Integrated Planning Tools
  • Water Resources Recovery Facility and Sewer Systems
  • Smart Grid and Biogas

References: DynaWater4.0 [1], OptiBelD [2], EXPOPLAN [3].