SIMBA#classroom - Software for training and education

The modelling and simulation platform SIMBA#classroom is a software for training and teaching of waste water systems, biogas plants and supply infrastructures. 

Release SIMBA#classroom 5.1 

The new version SIMBA#classroom 5.1 now also enables the hydrodynamic modelling of sewer networks with up to 500 conduits (pipes, pumps, weirs, etc.)

Innovation in SIMBA#classroom 5.1:

  • Hydrodynamic modelling of sewer networks: Extension of different pollution transport approaches (continuously stirred tank reactor or Lagrangian approaches), modelling with arbitrary biochemical transformation processes in sewer pipes, provision of a new dedicated hydrodynamic solver, new block library

Hydrodynamic model of a sewer network and the new hydrodynamic model library

Release SIMBA#classroom 5.0 

The new version SIMBA#classroom 5.0 offers new fields of application that are already included in the full version of SIMBA# and extend beyond the modelling of sewer networks, wastewater treatment plants and biogas plants. The release notes list the most important new features. With SIMBA#classroom 5.0 it is now possible to model pressure pipelines (e.g. drinking water networks, industrial water systems). This allows pressure and flow rates in fully filled pipeline networks to be modelled. Furthermore, the new version SIMBA#classroom 5.0 allows, among others, the modelling of supply infrastructures. In this context, SIMBA#classroom 5.0 offers the possibility to model both the management and the allocation of material and energy flows in supply systems (e.g. energy supply, service water systems, cooling water systems).

Innovation in SIMBA#classroom 5.0:

  • Extended catchment block: definition of area partitions of catchments with different pollution and runoff characteristics, consideration of AFS63 (small-diameter solids, implementation of worksheet DWA-A-102-2, BWK A 3-2).
  • Pressure-pipe library: modelling of drinking water and sewer networks and industrial water systems, provision of a new solver for algebraic calculation of pressures and flows
  • Supply library: simplified modelling of supply infrastructures (e.g. water, wastewater, energy)
  • “Multi-solver" simulation environment: parallel simulation of different subsystems (e.g. sewer networks, pressure pipe networks and wastewater treatment plants) each with specific solution algorithms

Model of a process water system with the Supply Library


SIMBA#classroom allows the simulation of activated sludge plants and the hydrological modelling of sewer networks as well as the modelling of biogas plants and supply systems (e.g. energy supply, service water systems, cooling water systems). This software is intended for educational purposes and is therefore limited in its openness and functionality. It requires a short training time and is easy to use.

For modelling the activated sludge, the Activated Sludge Model No. 3 (ASM3) is used. The ASM3 is modified according to the guidelines of the German Hochschulgruppe (HSG) "Simulation". This model approach generates simulation results that correspond to the Arbeitsblatt A 131 of the ATV-DWVK.

Using SIMBA classroom, students and WWTP staff will be able to create and simulate wastewater treatment plant models within a few moments.

SIMBA#classroom is programmed in C# and can be used with Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.