Arrowhead Tools

Arrowhead Tools for Engineering of Digitalisation Solutions

Arrowhead Tools

The Arrowhead Tools project aims for digitalisation and automation solutions for the European industry, which will close the gaps that have hindered the IT/OT integration so far by introducing new technologies in an open source platform for the design and runtime engineering of IoT and System of Systems.


The project focuses on the Arrowhead Framework, which has been developed in the last years by several European companies, universities and research institutions. This framework will be further developed and enhanced in the project Arrowhead Tools. The results of the project will enable engineering costs to be reduced by 40% to 60% and and the runtime system and associated engineering tools to reach technological readiness level TRL7.


ifak will develop an optional core component of the Arrowhead Framework within this project. It is an Extended Historian Service and the corresponding configuration system. It can be used for the acquisition, management, calculation and evaluation of IoT data. In many future application scenarios there will be no more need for proprietary data acquisition systems anymore, as such a system is already an integrated part of the framework. The Extended Historian Service will provide interfaces to data analytic systems and thus, data pools may easily be used for statistics, optimized process control or decision support in maintenance, investment calculation or advanced operational scenarios.



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