Diagnosis of cooperative traffic systems


Companies as well as municipalities worldwide connect vehicles with each other and with road-side infrastructure via V2X. During development as well as after the installation of new devices and applications, tests are required to verify the correct functioning of the services provided (e.g. traffic light information) and to identify possible errors.

Against this background the project DIAKO ("Diagnosis of cooperative traffic systems") exists. Its goal is the development of a diagnostic system for cooperative, intelligent traffic systems for commissioning and maintenance using the example of V2X. In the project, the research institutions ifak (Magdeburg) and GFaI (Berlin) are involved. Both are members of the Zuse community.

DIAKO strives for the following innovations:

  • Simultaneous monitoring even of V2X transmitters that are further apart from each other, including a central evaluation
  • Creation and administration of any number of operational specifications ("rules") by the user, which describe and automatically check the target behavior of his/her V2X services
  • Software separation between experts and users via two graphical modelling systems
  • Providing suggested solutions in the event of an error