Parking slot occupancy information and parking slot reservation for a more comfortable multimodal traveling


Searching for a parking space in urban areas is often a time-consuming and nerve-wracking process. In the fact, about one third of the traffic in European city centers is spent on finding a parking space – which is not acceptable in the light of climate change and the current air pollution levels. In addition, a barely calculable search time has a negative effect on PARK & RIDE, since a corresponding high time buffer has to be planned.

The basis of the PAMIR project is the novel self-powered sensor of the startup partner PARKHERE for determining the occupancy status of single parking slots. The overall objective of the PAMIR project is to enable a more realistic journey planning when switching from a car to a different means of transport and to enable a more comfortable traveling by providing appropriate support (e.g. navigation to a specific parking slot). This will be made possible by the combination of microscopic online parking data with a novel macroscopic forecast of the local parking situation (taking into account weather and traffic data, events, holidays and holidays) on one hand and parking slot reservation on the other hand. The use cases focused by the PAMIR project not only include public transportation but carpooling as well. With the help of volunteers, the improved mobility services will be finally evaluated.

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