Consortium meeting of the TwinMap project

After 18 months in the TwinMap project, the consortium has reached its second milestone in the development of efficient complete machining of components of variable batch sizes and efficient, 3D-based employee assistance. To mark the occasion, ifak and the project partners came together on 10 and 11 June in Hanau at the project partner SimPlan Group. In addition to the status meetings on the ongoing work that took place on 10 June, the newly affiliated work on efficient, 3D-based employee assistance in assembly also successfully reached its first milestone in the project. The second day was used for open discussions on the further use of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) in the various use cases of the project, as it forms the linchpin for data exchange between the project partners. In addition, the protection of IP rights for digital asset twins was discussed from the perspective of machine manufacturers and the possibilities for integrating the digital asset twins as well as the simulative integration of workers into the 3D integration platform NVIDIAOmniverse were discussed.

We are looking forward to the coming months and our joint project progress, which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection.