Virtuelle Arbeitskreisveranstaltung des VDI am 5. Mai 2022: Wie erklärt man die Welt einer Maschine? – Enhancements in Formal Process Description

To enhance the expressive power and enable the ability of formal verification, a simple type system and specification annotation is introduced. Firstly, an example, i.e., requirements of a belt transport system, will be described. After that, the formal definition of the extended Formalized Process Description will be given. These definitions will then be used to describe the example. Then a consistency checking method will be presented based on the formal definition to check the consistency of the example. Finally, the limits and the further research of the method will be discussed.


Referent:  Cheng Xin
Zeit: 5. Mai 2022, 15:00 – 16:00 Uhr
als Web-Meeting
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