MONAT - Model-based and demand-driven network configuration for automation and telecommunications networks

The future project Industry 4.0 envisages new concepts for flexible production. Starting with the planning tasks, the commercial order processing up to the production-technical execution, tasks can be negotiated automatically and carried out cooperatively. This requires flexible communication between a wide variety of tools - from office-based tools in the ERP environment to real-time communication of components in the shop floor. Immanent for Industry 4.0 is the ability of participants to react dynamically to requirements at all levels and to find suitable communication partners on their own. From the point of view of the communication systems used, different requirements must be fulfilled, e. g. with regard to security requirements or real-time properties. It is not necessary to treat proprietary communication systems in the field separately.

INVITE4.0 - Smart services for the process and paper industry on the Internet of Things INVITE4.0

The objective of the research project INVITE40 is the development of methods for engineering and services in the context of industry 4.0.

EXPOPLAN - Development of a design software for waste water treatment plants in warm and cold regions

The developed design software implements the results of the finalised project EXPOVAL. As a result of this predecessor project design and operational advises for treatment plants in warm and cold regions are available as a DWA-Themenband.

CLUWAL  - Closing the urban water loop - Integrated urban water and wastewater management for increased sustainability

In the research project CLUWAL, researchers from ifak, together with researchers at Technion in Haifa/Israel (research group of Prof. Eran Friedler), are developing simulation-based evaluation methods. These will allow municipalities and water authorities to assess their water systems and related measures according to social, ecological and economic criteria of sustainability, thus allowing a prudent management of the precious water resources. This project allows ifak, a world-renowned centre of competence in modelling and simulation of water systems, to extend its portfolio. Research within the CLUWAL project, based on an integrated water cycle-based approach, will also support the New Urban Agenda of the United Nations, as it has been adopted in autumn 2016 in Quito/Ecuador.

ABSOLUT - Non-destructive analysis and evaluation of thin layers by air-coupled ultrasound

Within the scope of the R & D project to be carried out in cooperation with NetCo Professional Services GmbH an innovative ultrasonic measuring system is to be developed. The non-destructive system is due for the quality testing of fiber composite materials, joining compounds and multimaterials. The aim is the non-contact measurement with air-coupled ultrasound at typical frequencies (f <2 MHz) with considerably improved resolution. The focus is on the characterization of "thinner" layers, as is not possible until now. Processes are provided for both transmission and reflection measurements, which take into account a different accessibility to the multi-layer object under test (one / both sides).