Automatic inductive charging of autonomous electric vehicles in logistics and transportation


The future of modern transportation is electric and autonomous. Autonomous shuttles for passenger transport in urban areas are gaining in importance, as well as an increasing number of autonomous transport systems with electric drives is operating in intralogistics sector. Such concepts will improve reliability, safety, cost efficiency and emission reduction in public transport and logistics in the future. It is therefore natural to combine automatic driving with automatic charging of vehicle batteries. A key enabling technology here is inductive charging without cables or plugs and its seamless integration into the infrastructure.

The ADVANTAGE project aims to enable fully automatic charging of electrically powered vehicles for logistics and public transport. A further project goal is to ensure interoperability with inductive charging systems in the passenger car sector.

Innovative fleet management will ensure optimal charging with efficient use of the charging infrastructure under different road conditions. This management will also take into account and optimize the impact on the energy networks.

Primary project objectives:

  • Integrated wireless power transfer (WPT) and precise parking assistance in a charging solution for fully autonomous vehicle concepts in many applications.
  • Optimization of the WPT solution for low nominal voltage batteries (48V/80V) and charging powers up to 11kW/22kW.
  • Interoperability of infrastructure with public transport vehicles, logistics and other applications.
  • Innovative fleet and energy management taking into account the aspects of autonomous inductive charging technology.