Framework for AI-based plant design tools for water and wastewater systems

In the project, a complex, simulation-based planning tool for sewage treatment plants, sewer networks and biogas plants is to be supplemented with AI methods in order to partially automate engineering tasks such as plant design, plant optimisation and specifications for operational management. Dynamic simulation models, which are based on the mathematical description of complex biological, chemical and physical processes, have a very high information content. The creation of simulation models, the supply of simulation input data and the interpretation of results still require extensive training, despite the continuous progress in modelling and simulation tools. Even for experienced users, residual uncertainties always remain. The aim of the project is to design an AI toolkit to (1) support "standard tasks" in modelling and simulation tools with AI methods and (2) to enable users to exploit the potential of simulation tools. The addition is to take place in the form of a framework with which the SIMBA development team, but also any users of the system, can easily incorporate the required AI components for their engineering tasks in the future.