OPC UA Safety Stack

In this project, an OPC UA Safety stack is developed that implements the safety communication profile defined in OPC 10000-15. Requirements and financing of this development are provided by a co-funding group of the OPC Field Level Communications (FLC) Initiative.

The source code of the OPC UA Safety stack will be independent of the target processor, byte order and compiler, comply with the MISRA-C 2012 coding guidelines and pre-certified by a notified body according to IEC 61508 and further safety standards. It will consider single channel designs up to SIL 2 and two channel designs up to SIL3 and support multiple instances of the SafetyProvider and the SafetyConsumer.

Furthermore, a non-safety reference implementation based on open62541 OPC UA communication will be implemented to demonstrate, verify and validate the functionality of the OPC UA Safety Stack. It will be executed on different environments based on a pure PC Platform and an embedded Safety Platform and shall pass the OPC UA Safety conformance test.