Vertical climate treatment plant for increased resource efficiency and quality of life in urban agglomerations


High urban density and the challenges posed by climate change result in specific requirements on urban infrastructure. Such challenges can, in part, be met by innovative technologies - such as a vertical treatment plant.

The overall objective of the VertiKKA project consists in the development of an innovative technological approach to increasing urban energetic, spatial and resource-driven efficiencies and to improved quality of life and climate protection. Low-maintenance, self-controlling green modules with integrated photovoltaic elements for use on façades of buildings are the focus of the R&D activities of this project. Related concepts and elements are being developed, in an exemplary way, for a district of the City of Cologne/Gemany.

Two departments of ifak are involved in this highly interdisciplinary project: The Department "Measurement Technology & Power Electronics" developes a sensor concept appropriate to gain information on soil and substrate of such vertical façade elements, whilst ifak's "Water & Energy" Department develops a control concept utilizing such information for efficient operation of such elements. This is complemented by a modelling concept for simulation and visualisation of the relevant resource, water and energy fluxes of these elements.


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