Development of an economic measurement and billing procedure for dynamic inductive charging systems


The main objective of the EMADI joint project is the prototypical development and practical testing of ICT systems to support publicly usable systems for dynamic inductive charging (DWPT) with the aspects of communication between charging infrastructure and vehicle, measurement of the transferred energy and calibration-compliant billing (EKA). Further objectives are to determine the overall sustainability of such DWPT charging systems and to develop sustainable charging strategies based on the positive effects of DWPT on battery life.

The main objectives of the ifak sub-project are as follows:

  • Development of methods and procedures for energy measurement, communication and billing of energy transfer in DWPT systems.
  • Exploitation of the project results through transfer to standardisation.

Together with its partners, ifak develops, implements and verifies methods and procedures for an economical measurement and billing process for dynamic inductive charging systems.

Special focal points are:

  • Research into methods and procedures for the metrological determination and evaluation of energy flows and losses in a DWPT system.
  • Development, construction and testing of an EKA system in cooperation with the industrial partners,
  • Scientific and technical support of the industrial and research partners with the know-how in the field of inductive energy and data transmission,
  • Transfer of the project results into standardisation.

All project results will flow into the international standardisation work of IEC and ISO via the work of GAK 353.0.1.