AULA KI: Unser neues Projekt zur Förderung der langfristigen Etablierung und interdisziplinären Vernetzung von KI-Nachwuchsgruppen

Current developments of flexible mobility solutions in the areas of public transport and logistics clearly point in the direction of autonomous electric driving. The advantages of a broad deployment of autonomously driving electric vehicles are lower costs, higher availability and greater flexibility. A current problem of autonomous vehicles is the sensitivity of driving operations to weather influences and the failure of external localisation sources (e.g. satellite navigation or mobile phone communication). These influences currently lead to a disruption or complete failure of autonomous operation.

The AULA-KI project (Adaptive Environment-Dependent Localisation of Autonomous Vehicles by Artificial Intelligence Methods) aims to provide localisation information for autonomous vehicles always and everywhere. To this end, state-of-the-art AI methods are being applied and further developed in this project in order to evaluate and improve the existing sensors and localisation information with regard to their quality and to combine them with information from the environment (infrastructure communication).

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the project, which will run for three years, serves the long-term establishment and interdisciplinary networking of AI junior research groups at Otto von Guericke University and ifak e.V. in Magdeburg and is being worked on cooperatively by both institutions. Within the framework of the project, the cooperation partners will tackle the above-mentioned problem of autonomous mobility.

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