Follow-up project SAmpSONS 2 approved

Following the project "Visualization and Sustainability Assessment of New and Alternative Sanitation Systems" (SAmpSONS), the project "Verification of a Planning Tool for Simulation and Visualisation of Resource Fluxes in New and Alternative Sanitation Systems" was approved by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) with project start on March 1, 2020. Together with the project partners Björnsen Beratende Ingenieure (BCE) (coordinator), Technische Universität Berlin, Department of Urban Water Management, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar - Bauhaus-Institute for Infrastructure Solutions (, ifak will extend the already developed first version of the SAmpSONS-simulator (available free of charge at by further technologies of novel and alternative sanitation systems ("NASS") during the project year, as well as increase the usability of the tool.

Interested parties are invited to use the simulator and make suggestions for further technologies to be included. Your feedback sent to  Dr. Manfred Schütze will be very welcome (  The simulator makes it possible to visualize the material flows resulting for different sanitary concepts and to evaluate them under different sustainability criteria. Here, the process simulation is directly coupled with life cycle analyses without having to resort to (possibly costly) external programs.