i-SEWER project meeting: sewer network control in Freiburg

On 16/17 February 2023, a project meeting of the BMBF-funded research project i-SEWER ( and took place in Freiburg/Brsg.
In addition to colleagues from the project coordinator Grimm Water Solutions (GWS) and the Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig-Halle (UFZ), Dr. Schütze from the project partner ifak participated in the meeting. While GWS is using machine learning methods to learn surrogate models that will serve as internal models of model predictive control, and the UFZ is working on methods of anomaly detection in measured process data, ifak is providing the hydrodynamic simulation framework for the learning simulations and is also developing the framework for model predictive sewer network control. Here, ifak contributes its decades of expertise in the field of canal simulation and control.
In addition to the project discussions, the programme also included an excursion to the North Stormwater Overflow Basin, whose mode of operation was explained by badenova NETZE, as well as a guided tour of the Forchheim sewage treatment plant of the Breisgauer Bucht Wastewater Association.