"First experiences with the new DWA guideline document DWA-A/M-102"

The new DWA A/M-102 / BWK A/M-3 guidelines series defines requirements on the assessment of urban discharges from sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants with regard to their impacts on the water quality in the receiving water body. A seminar organised by DWA (German Water Association), Regional Chapter Sachsen-Thüringen, on 30 June was focussing on this topic.
As one of the invited guest speakers, Dr Manfred Schütze gave a presentation on "River water quality modelling for the evaluation of immission-based criteria". In his presentation, Dr Schütze outlined how the Simba# simulation system, developed by ifak, can be used for the tasks defined by the new DWA/BWK guideline documents. As Simba# allows modelling not only of wastewater treatment plants, but also of sewer systems and rivers with various modelling options available (hydrologic, fully hydrodynamic flow modelling; pollutant transport by continuously-stirred tank reactor or Lagrange approaches; arbitrary biochemical process models), it permits also the calculations required by the guideline document for the simplified and for the detailed evaluation. The "Simple Water Quality Model (SWQM)", developed by ifak some time ago, corresponds, with appropriate parameter settings, the calculations defined by the DWA M-102-3 / BWK M-3-3 guideline document.