PENOA project started

In order to be able to transport agricultural products produced by small-scale farms to regional retailers, processors, restaurateurs, etc. in small quantities in an economically viable manner, digitalization is the key. Only through the largely automatic generation of transport offers from the existing systems and the optimization of transport requests the costs per transported item can be reduced to such an extent that the transports are economically worthwhile. The overall goal of the approach is to (a) allow restaurateurs, processors and retailers to order and pay for regionally produced food via a B2B platform and (b) provide logistics to bring the ordered food from the producers to the customers mentioned under (a). The PENOA project will conceptually deal with the overall system and its components in the sense of initialization management. The project regions are in eastern Thuringia and northern Saxony-Anhalt. PENOA is a project of the funding measure “Initialization Management – Support in the preparation of innovative projects for the processing and marketing of regional food” as part of the federal program Rural Development and Regional Value Creation (BULEplus).