reAdopt - Student teaching project on autonomous driving launched

In the recently launched teaching project reAdopt (ros-enabled autonomous driving for passenger transportation), students from the faculties of computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering are working together with scientists from ifak e.V. and the OVGU on the implementation of autonomous driving concepts on a real vehicle. Based on an EasyMile EZ10 shuttle bus, the students are to realise autonomous driving of the shuttle on the Galileo test field in Magdeburg using the open robot framework ROS. Under the guidance of the scientists, the students have to solve problems such as the sensor fusion of various vehicle sensors and the time-critical control of the drive system. The realisation of a graphical user interface is also part of the project tasks. The project is intended to introduce students to the topic of autonomous driving in a practical way and to deepen the study content in this direction. Interested students who are looking for a research project or a thesis are very welcome to contact Dr Christoph Steup from the OVGU or Mr Philipp Hörnlein from ifak.