Vertikka2 project meeting in urban quarter Stuttgart-Rot

On 20 and 21 September, the project partners of the VertiKKA2 research project had their first project meeting. On Tuesday afternoon, the project team also visited the "Am Rotweg" quarter in Stuttgart-Rot. Here, the VertiKKA solution, developed in the earlier VertiKKA project - a green facade, combined with greywater treatment and photovoltaic energy generation - will be implemented on a house in this urban quarter. This installation will allow important findings for the operation of the VertiKKA plant in a real-life environment. During the excursion, Mr Gebler and Ms Maier of the "Neues Heim" local housing association, which was founded in 1948, illustrated the plans for this urban development to the VertiKKA project team.