2nd status meeting in the Edge-Power project

On 29 and 30 August, at the kind invitation of NXP, the second status meeting in the joint project "Edge-Power" took place at the NXP site in Hamburg.

With the participation of the project management organisation VDI/VDE IT GmbH, the results of the successfully completed first sub-project were presented and future communication solutions for edge computing in the industrial environment were discussed in a subsequent workshop. The status meeting is the kick-off to the second sub-project with a focus on the development of hardware components for the new edge power system.

Under the leadership of the industrial partners NXP Semiconductors, HANZA Tech Solutions and Thorsis, a new type of edge gateway, process gateway and power module are being developed based on the technological specifications of the first sub-project. The complete system is intended to enable the energy-efficient to energy-autonomous monitoring of processes and demand-oriented edge computing.