Project for the development and testing of inductive charging systems - EMADI

Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) is a technology used to supply electric vehicles with electrical energy wirelessly while driving. In this process, electrical transmitting coils under the road surface transmit the energy via short-term magnetic fields to corresponding receiving coils under the vehicle floor, from where it is transferred to the vehicle's energy system. With DWPT, vehicle ranges can be significantly increased, making batteries smaller, cheaper, lighter and less resource-intensive, and reducing charging pauses; up to infinite ranges and the complete elimination of charging pauses if at least as much energy is charged as consumed on the route.

The main objective of the EMADI joint project (development of an economic measurement and billing procedure for dynamic inductive charging systems) is the prototypical development and practical testing of ICT systems to support publicly usable systems for dynamic, inductive charging with the aspects of communication between the charging infrastructure and the vehicle, measurement of the transferred energy and billing in compliance with calibration regulations (EKA).

EMADI is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection and runs for three years.

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